A life-threatening medical emergency is "a condition that would result in permanent loss of health, well-being, or life itself in the absence of immediate medical attention." 

In the event of a medical emergency or urgent medical situation, please do NOT attempt to contact the doctor by email, but do call the office at 212-737-9736. If after regular office hours, please ask the receptionist to page the doctor immediately.

Emergency Rooms

Life-threatening emergencies require attention in a hospital emergency room. If you have such an emergency, call 911, or seek immediate care in the nearest ER, and have them notify this office. We are also affiliated with the emergency rooms at the Mount Sinai Medical Center [Madison Avenue & 101st Street].

Urgent Non-Life Threatening Medical Conditions

In the event of an urgent non-life threatening medical condition, please do not come to the office without first speaking to the doctor to determine the most appropriate place for you to receive care. At the discretion of the doctor, such urgent care may be arranged on a referral basis at the office of an appropriate specialist, or you may be referred directly to a hospital ER.

Some acute conditions, such as persistent vomiting or diarrhea, may or may not be medical emergencies, but for the safety and comfort of other patients, are inappropriate in the setting of a private medical office, and will be referred automatically to an ER. Patients with such symptoms are requested not to make office appointments, but to call for specific instructions. Patients with acute traumatic injuries, including falls, fractures, head and neck injuries, lacerations, etc., are instructed to go to the nearest ER immediately, and notify your insurance carrier directly. Such patients cannot be treated in this office.

We attempt to accommodate all urgent medical conditions with appointments within 24 hours. Established patients on immunosuppressive therapy have priority at all times. Antibiotics are not prescribed over the telephone; controlled substances are not prescribed - or refilled - by phone; and prescription refills must be called in during regular office hours. We will not refill prescriptions during off hours. These are not emergencies.


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