Fee and Billing Policies


Fee and Billing Policies

Managed Care Patients

Patients must have a valid insurance ID card and active coverage in effect on the date of service.

GI specialty patients referred to this office, with insurance plans that require referrals from their PCPs, must bring such referrals in writing at the time of initial visit, or fax them to us in advance of your appointment.

All managed care co-payments are due at the time of service. We will submit all claims to your primary insurance carrier, and will assume that your secondary carrier will automatically pay your deductibles and any coinsurance balances due after payment from your primary carrier. If you do not have a secondary, supplemental insurance policy, you will be personally responsible for payment of any unpaid deductibles and coinsurance balances, and in such an event, you will be billed directly by us.

Patients are directly responsible for payment for non-covered services, and will receive written notice from us in advance if this is likely to happen.

Medicare Patients

We participate in Medicare, and accept assignment from all Medicare patients. If you have a secondary insurance policy, or Medicare supplemental policy, we will assume this will cover your annual deductibles and coinsurance balances, at least in part. If your entire deductible or coinsurance balance is not paid in full by your secondary policy, you will be billed directly for this balance by us. If you do not have a secondary, supplemental policy, you will be billed directly, and in full, for any unpaid deductible and coinsurance balances.

We do not accept Medicaid as either primary or secondary, supplemental insurance.

New patients are required to leave a current valid credit card number on file, to secure any balances or deductibles that are unpaid within 30 days of invoice for such balances. 


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